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We provide strategic Medical, Clinical, Market Access and Health Economics Consultancy for Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry embracing different perspectives.

About Us

Pentacore Health is a global consultancy company providing solutions for the Five Pillars of Healthcare, Patients, Physicians, Providers, Payers, and Policymakers.

our mission

The mission of Pentacore Health is to provide strategic and tactical insights for Biopharmaceutical Industry especially but not limited to Immunooncology, rare genetic disorders, orphan diseases and Personalized Healthcare by providing scientific advice, scientific training, medical information, health economic analysis and market access support.

Our Services

We embrace our diverse perspectives and abilities in order to provide innovative ideas and solutions that make an impact.

Medical Strategy

Clinical Strategy


Market Access

Health Economics

Financial Resources, Calculators, More

Medical Budget Management

Efficient budget management is key for biopharmaceutical companies, especially in the post-pandemic era. If you are struggling to efficiently allocate your medical and clinical budget, contact us!

Risk Management

Using our calculators, we calculate and manage the risks associated with drug development including regulatory, clinical and financial risks to take informed decisions and minimize unexpected costs.

Stay up-to-date with the regulations

With us, stay up-to-date with regulations to ensure compliance with all medical industry guidelines, local and global regulations. Take educated decisions, make your plans accordingly whilst avoiding any penalties or fines. To have regular updates on regulations, contact us!


Calculators for risk management, clinical efficiency, market access, health economics, playbooks for medical and clinical functions, biopaedia®. To learn more, contact us!

Pharmacolvigilence and safety reporting

Developing and implementing a robust safety reporting system is the essential part of drug development and regulatory compliance for your biopharmaceutical company and you if you are working as a medical/clinical associate in global medical affairs, regional or local medical affairs, clinical development departments. We will support you developing your SOPs, guidelines and implement your safety training programs.

Leverage technology

Let us introduce you to AI applications with our industry partnerships at the form of data analytic tools, e-CRM and other online insight collection initiatives. We will introduce you to the technology to streamline safety reporting processes and improve data accuracy with electronic data capture systems.

Pentacore Health

We are dedicated to developing strategies from different perspectives for improved patient health outcomes, and increased healthcare system efficiency.


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